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What is Guided Diagnostics?

The Industry's Most Advanced Diagnostics Solution

Guided Diagnostics is the first system to apply a semantic network model in the dynamic prescription of troubleshooting procedures.

Traditional diagnostic systems are little more than a digital presentation of old-school printed diagnostic trees—static IF/THEN procedural flowcharts which lock the technician in to long, time-consuming step-by-step discovery processes.

Guided Diagnostics takes full advantage of the algorithmic intelligence inherent in connected digital systems. On first use, GD identifies hidden connections between issues and root causes, driving the technician to the most likely root cause.

And thanks to its network architecture, Guided Diagnostics reasoning engine ingests data from every diagnostic session, becoming more intelligent—and increasing technician efficiency—with each subsequent use, so your technician teams collectively increase the system’s value as it boosts their efforts in the field.

Why Worry About Boosting Technician Teams?

U.S. service operations face an array of compounding challenges. These challenges impact warranty costs, raise prices for customers and shrink the profitability of service as a whole.

The growing technician shortage represents the largest—and most immediate—threat to service profitability. U.S. Department of labor statistics indicate there are 750,000 technicians currently servicing automotive products. The most experienced segment of this population is presently aging into retirement.

To maintain workforce in the face of this mass exit, the industry requires an influx of 76,000 technicians per year. But the number of annual postsecondary technical training graduates has fallen 34% since 2012. As of this writing, only 39,000 new technicians graduate from the appropriate technical training each year—just over half the necessary number.